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PLANit Sarasota Workgroups

Essential to all PLANit Sarasota does are its five workgroups. Each workgroup comprises leaders from partner organizations, and each group develops solutions to the unique challenges students in Sarasota County face today. Through this focused approach, it can move quickly to address new problems as they arise.

Career Explorations increases awareness of college and career pathways for all students, with an emphasis on students not currently identified as college or career bound. Building on the work-based learning framework, the workgroup uses lunch-and-learns, career explorations, and career fairs to connects students to local employers as well as career and educational pathways so that they can discover job opportunities, network with employers, and access training that leads to higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) raises awareness of the FAFSA, a key indicator of a student’s likelihood of pursuing education after high school. This workgroup connects students and their families with financial aid experts who help every step of the way.

Having a Plan believes that all students should graduate with a viable plan in place—be that college, specialized training, the armed forces, or a career—and is dedicated to engaging students to identify their interests and strengths and progress intentionally toward graduation.

Persistence develops strategies that promote resilience and highlight the long-term value of college or specialized training.

Data collects, organizes, and makes more accessible key data that PLANit Sarasota partners and the community can use to make informed decisions that help students access education after high school.

Interested in being part of a work group, get involved today. You can also contact Thomas Williams, the director of PLANit Sarasota.

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