PLANit Sarasota Alliance for Education and Career Planning banner with four partner representatives presenting at a general meeting

An Alliance for Education and Career Planning

PLANit Sarasota, the local college access network (LCAN) for Sarasota County, is an alliance for education and career planning. This collective of youth-serving, education, philanthropic, and business partners works together to create opportunities for students to pursue education after high school.

One of 18 LCANs in Florida, PLANit Sarasota is inspired by the belief that all students deserve to reach their full potential and that a college degree or high-value certificate can transform the lives of students and their families for generations to come.

With the Education Foundation of Sarasota County serving as its backbone organization and as an active participant in the Florida College Access Network (FCAN), PLANit Sarasota harnesses the power of over 40 partners to connect more students to resources and opportunities that open pathways and help them graduate more college, career, and life ready.

Convening, Connecting, and Collaborating

We convene our partners by hosting quarterly full-network partner meetings. At these general meetings, we provide transparent workgroup updates, bring in special guest speakers, and host a community conversation.

We connect individuals and organizations to like-minded organizations to leverage ideas and resources for a greater collective impact. We also amplify our partner messages to connect the community to available resources.

We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and institutions on the local, state, and national level. We harness the collective energy and the diverse experiences of inspiring individuals and organizations who understand that a vibrant, healthy community is inextricably linked to an educated workforce ready to succeed.

Our Goal

In 2021, Florida’s economy was distinguished as the 15th largest in the world. Florida aspires to become the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030, and that requires an agile, educated, and prepared workforce. PLANit Sarasota is committed to helping make that happen. In direct alignment with the state legislature’s Sail to 60 initiative, PLANit Sarasota is motivated by the goal of increasing the percentage of work-age adults in Sarasota County with a college degree or high-value certification to 60% across demographics by 2030 so that our community can continue to thrive.

Interested in learning more or joining PLANit Sarasota, contact Thomas Williams, director of PLANit Sarasota.

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