High School Checklists

Use the checklist that corresponds with your year school year to help you prepare for college and life after high school.

Freshman Year Checklist

  • Identify challenging high school courses that are right for you and plot out your desired curriculum
  • Learn about clubs/organizations that may be of interest
  • Pay attention to events and types of leadership roles
  • Think about why you want to attend college
  • Be open to various career interests
  • Read and build vocabulary
  • Practice writing vignettes about your experiences

Sophomore Year Checklist

  • Continue with a rigorous curriculum; review grades, study skills
  • Take notes on colleges and points of interest
  • Register on college sites to be notified of visits in the area
  • Explore “job shadow” opportunities in areas of interest
  • Plan to run for office or assume a leadership role
  • Develop and implement a project to explore interests, skills, talents
  • Utilize summer for SAT/ACT test prep
  • Pay attention to all of the points from Freshman year, too

Junior Year Checklist

  • Select rigorous classes and maintain strong grades
  • Seek out and further develop leadership roles in various aspects of your life
  • Take the PSAT or PLAN in the Fall, possibly the SAT and ACT
  • Take the SAT and ACT by the beginning of and at the end of Spring
  • Plan for a meaningful and productive summer
  • Pay attention to all of the points from Freshman and Sophomore year

Senior Year Checklist

  • Continue rigorous curriculum, possibly extending to local college
  • Apply for college EARLY in the fall, prior to Nov 1
  • Apply Early Action whenever possible (different from Early Decision)
  • Meet college reps through local visits, social media, email
  • Seek out scholarships
  • Follow up on the receipt of applications, transcript, test scores at each individual college
  • Attend “Accepted Student” events
  • Send your deposit and final transcript to your chosen college!

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