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The Education Foundation of Sarasota County is in the news. Learn about the initiatives we’re undertaking. Find out how our students are making a difference in the world, and read columns by teachers, students, and local thought leaders in education about new ideas in learning and ways to support and inspire our young people.

From celebrating our inspiring students and teachers to developing a mentoring program and opening Student Success Centers, we’re always busy working to prepare our young people for the future.

Keep up to date on all the news and upcoming events of the Education Foundation of Sarasota County so you can help us support students and our community.

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Meet Our Development Team

Meet Our Development Team

Carla Weiland is our director of development, donor relations. She has worked in fundraising for over 20 years, including at the State of New Jersey University system and the State of New York...

Education Foundations Fuel Innovation

Hard as it is to believe today, in the early 1900s many Americans viewed automobiles suspiciously. After all, those new contraptions were no match for horses. It can take major disruptions to alter...

Julianna’s Unlikely Journey to Engineering

Julianna’s Unlikely Journey to Engineering

Julianna Syros knows her way around restaurants. For generations, her family—in Michigan, Philadelphia, and Florida—has owned and run them. Her grandfathers immigrated from Greece to America when...

Mentors Leave an Indelible Mark

Mentors Leave an Indelible Mark

Alyssia Lazin, a renowned photographer, artist, and designer, sees life divided into three parts: learning, earning, and serving. Two years ago, she felt ready to explore the last third. She had...

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