Circle of Champions

The Circle of Champions is a committed group of Education Foundation of Sarasota County donors who provide annual gifts of $1,000 or more to support our mission—to enhance the potential of students, promote excellence in teaching, and inspire innovation in education, guided by strategic philanthropy. We work to inspire students early in their K – 12 journey and empower them to get ready as they pursue their passions. We want each and every student to graduate with a plan for life after high school, prepared to succeed.  

The individuals, foundations, and businesses that become members of the Circle of Champions enjoy these special benefits:   

Advocate Champions | $1,000 – $2,499

  • Personalized communications from Education Foundation President & CEO
  • Invitations to special events exclusively for Circle of Champions members
  • Listing on the Education Foundation website, annual event programs, Circle of Champions press releases, and social media, as well as at LaunchPad4U, our community resource center

Pacesetter Champions | $2,500 – $4,999

  • All benefits above plus featured “thank you” recognition posts on social media
  • Personalized tour of a Student Success Center or LaunchPad4U with a Board Member

Collaborator Champions | $5,000 – $9,999

  • All benefits above
  • Invitation to attend a private reception for STRIVE or Ignite Education Teacher of the Year events

Innovator Champions | $10,000 – $19,999

  • All benefits above
  • Two complimentary tickets to Ignite Education Teacher of the Year event

Champion of Champions | $20,000 and above

  • All benefits above
  • Two complimentary tickets to both the STRIVE and Ignite Education Teacher of the Year events with preferred seating with an honored student or teacher

Thank you to our current Champions!

Mrs. Judith Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Ali Bahaj

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bailey

Mr. Eric Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Beckman

Dr. Willa Bernhard

Mr. Jeff Blanchette

Dr. Robert C. Blattberg and Mrs. Rebecca Donelson

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bowling

Mr. and Mrs. Len Brzozowski

Ms. Claudia Cardillo

Mr. Jeremy H. Chambers and Ms. Jules Price

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cox

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cranor III

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Crouse

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Donelly

Mr. Dean Eisner

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Epstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Essner

Mr. Patrick Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geyer

Mrs. Patty Gondelman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gordon

Mr. Gary Harney and Ms. Anne Rollings

Mr. and Mrs. John Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Hayes

Mr. Rick Helbing

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hochfelder

Mrs. Judith E. Hoffman

Mr. Michael P. Infanti and Mrs. Jenny Infanti

Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Karp

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koski

Mrs. Beverly Koski

Mr. Steven Krause and Mr. James Laporte

Dr. Lucie Lapovsky and Mr. David Lapovsky

Ms. Loretta B. Lauer

Ms. Shelly Lazarus and Mr. Edward Grossman

Reverend and Mrs. Brock H. Leach

Mr. and Mrs. William Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lewandowski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lewis

Dr. Paul Macchi and Mrs. Debra Macchi

Ms. Eloise Malinsky

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Milbauer

Ms. Betsy Mitchell

Ms. Linda Monda

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Muldoon

Mr. George Pappas and Dr. Sarah Pappas

Ms. Andrea Pilch

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan B. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Riner

Mr. Wes Roberts and Mrs. Lisl Liang

Ms. Lisa Russo

Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Saunders

Ms. Michael Saunders

Ms. Nancy Seidman and Ms. Carrie Seidman

Ms. Sue Seiter

Mr. Stephen Shank and Dr. Judith Shank

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sung

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Skipper

Mr. Leonard Smally

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Steinwachs

Mrs. Wendy Surkis & Mrs. Peppi Elona

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Swift

Dr. Larry Thompson and Mrs. Patricia R. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. James Tollerton

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tucker

Mr. Andres Tugendhat

Mr. Giles van der Bogert and Dr. Becky van der Bogert

Mr. Dan Vigne and Mrs. Jennifer Vigne

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Villaveces

Dr. Heather Wamsley

Mr. Craig Wedge and Ms. Linda J. Jellison

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Weiss

Ms. Kim L. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zimmerman

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