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For 35 years, the Education Foundation of Sarasota County has helped teachers transform their lessons and classrooms to meet their students’ unique needs. Today, more than ever, we understand the urgency to support teachers by providing access to tools that help close achievement gaps and make learning more innovative and hands-on for students.

That is why we are excited to partner with DonorsChoose to expand our signature teacher grants program. Through this new partnership, we can support more teachers, more often, while providing them with greater flexibility.

To determine which funding source is the best fit for your classroom needs, please check out our FAQ and follow the steps below.

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Teacher grants now available through DonorsChoose

On Monday, January 8, the Education Foundation opened a new round of grant funding through DonorsChoose, up to $40,000. If you teach in a school in the Sarasota County School District and your project goal is under $1,150.00 (including taxes, shipping fees, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose), you will receive a 2x match. After the first half of your grant cost has been raised, the Education Foundation will fund the remaining amount!

DonorsChoose funds items from these 14 categories: computers and tablets; instructional technology; books; classroom basics; lab equipment; flexible seating; reading nooks, desks, storage; sports and exercise equipment; educational kits and games; art supplies; musical instruments; food, clothing, hygiene; virtual class trips; virtual class visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are teacher grants?

Each year, thanks to donor generosity, the Education Foundation provides as much as $200,000 in teacher grants. With these grants, teachers and schools receive vital financial support.  

  • Awards up to $1,000 are used for classroom supplies, equipment, activities, field trips, and related items.
  • Awards from $1,001 to $10,000  involve collaboration between teachers across grade levels or content area—or even across entire schools. 

This year, Sarasota County teachers can request up to $1,000 on DonorsChoose, and the Education Foundation will provide a dollar-for-dollar match for every project posted up to $100,000! For a grant that costs $400, after the first $200 is raised, the Education Foundation will fund the remaining $200 with its match.   

Grants over $1,000 will still go through the Education Foundation grant application portal. This year’s grant application window is July 15 – September 15.

What is DonorsChoose?

DonorsChoose is an organization founded by a public school teacher that works to connect donors to teachers so that they can access resources, materials, and supplies—easily and quickly. Teachers from across the country request donations for their projects and receive funding from donors anywhere in the world. DonorsChoose then provides the requested items for the teachers. 

What kinds of projects are supported by DonorsChoose?

DonorsChoose funds items from these 14 categories:  

  • Computers and tablets 
  • Instructional technology 
  • Books 
  • Classroom basics 
  • Lab equipment 
  • Flexible seating 
  • Reading nooks, desks, storage 
  • Sports and exercise equipment 
  • Educational kits and games 
  • Art supplies 
  • Musical instruments 
  • Food, clothing, hygiene 
  • Virtual class trips 
  • Virtual class visitors 

Learn more about these categories.

Why is the Education Foundation using DonorsChoose in addition to its regular application process?

We care about our teachers and want to provide you with the tools you need to be successful! We also know you’re busy, so we want to make this process as easy and flexible as possible. Finally, we know teachers may have needs that go outside our normal grant application period. Through DonorsChoose, we match up to two times a year—and you can continue to post as many projects as you wish.

The Education Foundation provides a generous overall match of $100,000 through DonorsChoose. Don’t miss out—submit your project today!

Can I apply for one grant through DonorsChoose and another through the Education Foundation website?

Yes, if each project represents the type of grant that will be funded through each platform. See the process for applying directly.

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