Venice High School 2020 STRIVE Recipients

Romina Angeles Lopez | Romina experienced the pain of loss when her father tragically and suddenly died when she was in the eighth grade. She fell into a depression and felt stuck. Everything was a struggle: keeping up grades, acting “normal” with friends, helping her mom and siblings cover the family’s bills. Romina had known she wanted to go to college since she was 5, but not wanting to burden her struggling mother, she did not voice her dream. Instead, she set her sights on applying for scholarships and determined to make a bright future for herself.

Romina’s persistence helped her prevail despite her grief. She kept her grades and attitude up and achieved a 4.6 GPA in her senior year. Romina volunteers in childcare at her church and tutors her ESOL peers while working part-time at a taco truck and participating in four honor societies at school. After she graduates with her AP Capstone diploma, she hopes to be well on her way to acquiring a degree in neuroscience, attending medical school, and ultimately realizing her dream of becoming a psychiatrist.

Lorett Alarcon

Lorett Alarcon
GPA: 4.8
Career Interest: Pediatric Surgeon

Kattelyn Alcantara

Kattelyn Alcantara
Career Interest: Political Science

Ashley McMahon

Ashley McMahon
 GPA: 3.6
Career Interest: Interior Designer

V Stephenson | Venice High School

V Stephenson
GPA: 3.8
Career Interest: Professor of Music

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Tyler Austin, Kayliana Grantley, Maylin Nichole Ruttman, Megan Simpson

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