Booker High School 2020 STRIVE Recipients

Alfa Young Jr. | As a mature, determined high school senior with a 3.09 GPA and taking honors courses, Alfa bears no resemblance to his younger self–a defiant, angry, disinterested freshman whose natural leadership ability was wasted as he struggled to find his place. Alfa’s behavior and grades further deteriorated when his father was murdered while involved in criminal activity. Alfa credits his mother, BHS teachers, a drive to prove himself on the football field, and his desire to be known for doing something good with his life for helping him find purpose. His teachers say Alfa’s inner courage, innate intelligence, and character helped him conquer severe life challenges and become an encouraging team leader on football and wrestling teams and an inspiring coach of youth football and basketball at a community center.

Alfa wears boots inscribed with his dad’s initials as a reminder to learn from his dad’s mistakes and prove that the past need not dictate the future. Alfa’s focus now is to pursue his interest in herpetology and create a new narrative by being the first in his family to attend and graduate from college.

Stefany Carruido - Booker High School

Stefany Carruido
GPA: 3.8
Career Interest: RN/Midwife

Linda Ramirez | Booker High School

Linda Ramirez
GPA: 3.7
Career Interest: Nutritionist/Yoga Instructor

Marquavious Simmons | Booker High School

Marquavious Simmons
GPA: 3.6
Career Interest: Registered Nurse

Tiffany Wiseman | Booker High School

Tiffany Wiseman
GPA: 3.0
Career Interest: Teacher

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Jailyn Gentile, Jakobie Green, Erick Reynoso, Alison Vargas, Lucia Vargas

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