Venice High School STRIVE Award Recipients

Jesus Nunez | Jesus Nunez’s interest in fixing trucks was inspired by his stepdad—not by how many times he’s moved. His stepdad enjoys working on automobiles, and Jesus, who never met his biological father nor had much to do with his first stepdad, has always liked to watch this father figure lift the hood of a vehicle and figure out how to get it running again.

Now a senior at Venice High School and a STRIVE Award recipient, Jesus has moved all his life. He was born in Taylor, Texas, a town northeast of Austin, and as a baby moved with his mom to Mexico. From Mexico, he moved to Orlando, where he and his mom and later his two sisters moved from place to place. As Jesus said, “Something would always happen, and we’d move again.”

Jesus’s advice to incoming freshmen: “Be around supportive people. Being around people who support you and encourage you to go forward really makes a difference.”

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STRIVE Award recipient Jesus Nunez
STRIVE Award recipient Carson Funderburk

Carson Funderburk

Eduard Hoxha

Eduard Hoxha

STRIVE Award recipient Eli Paver

Eli Paver

Darya Pylpenko

Darya Pylpenko

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Yasusi Hernandez, Collin Lough, Caroline Matos, Shelby Welsh, and Kelsey Williams.

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