Sarasota High School STRIVE Recipients

Ausiana Laguerre | Ausi’s parents separated when Ausi was a toddler, and she has lived with her dad while keeping in long-distance touch with her mother. Recent deaths in her mom’s family exacerbated Ausi’s sense of needing a closer connection with her mother. Faced with recent unexpected financial concerns at home, Ausi increased her part-time job hours and looked for more scholarships to cover expenses at Howard University, her top choice where she will major in business administration. At SHS, Ausi maintained a 4.8 GPA, was a leader in Key Club, and played shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. Her motto is to keep moving forward despite life’s challenges.

Ausiana Laguerre - Sarasota High School STRIVE Awards
Kiley Kennedy - Sarasota High School STRIVE Awards

Kiley Kennedy
Career Interest: 
Psychology and Nursing

Mya Meyzen - Sarasota High School STRIVE Awards

Mya Meyzen
Career Interest:

Kaivon Moran - Sarasota High School STRIVE Awards

Kaivon Moran
Career Interest:

Axa Salas - Sarasota High School STRIVE Awards

Axa Salas
Career Interest:

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Sydney Horowitz, Robiel McArthur

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