Riverview High School STRIVE Recipients

David Mazon | When David started high school, he made the painful decision to distance himself from close friends who were making unwise choices and didn’t share his positive mindset and pursuit of superior performance in academics and basketball. Focusing on fundamentals in class and on the court, the 6’6” forward has achieved a 4.6 GPA, won an academic scholarship and opportunity to play ball at Kenyon College, and narrowed his college major and career interest to diagnostic radiologist. Driven by a desire to solve problems and help people, David has raised money through the Dance Marathon Club for disabled children and taught basketball basics to small children in basketball camp.

David Mazon - Riverview High School STRIVE Awards
Calvin Barritt - Riverview High School STRIVE Awards

Calvin Barritt
Career Interest:
Plastic Surgeon specializing in gender affirmation surgeries

Clement Febus - Riverview High School STRIVE Awards

Clement Febus
Career Interest:
Health Sciences/Sports Medicine

Benjamin Nahon - Riverview High School STRIVE Awards

Benjamin Nahon
Career Interest:
Marketing with goal of owning own business

Giovanna Veldkamp - Riverview High School STRIVE Awards

Giovanna Veldkamp
Career Interest:
School Counselor

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Gage McFadden, Bethany Rahn

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