Pine View School STRIVE Award Recipients

Daria Tiubin | When she was five years old, Daria Tiubin emigrated with her parents from St. Petersburg, Russia, to North Port, Florida. Although not too far from another St. Petersburg, Daria spoke almost no English and felt completely lost.

“I didn’t have any friends when I first moved,” she said. She quickly realized: “Wow I don’t understand anyone. I didn’t understand my teachers at all.”

Her disorientation reached a new height when she was bullied at a water fountain because Daria couldn’t understand a girl telling her that she needed to move out of the way.

Read her full STRIVE story.

Daria Tiubin
Scott Conrad

Scott Conrad

Cameron Gerber smiling

Cameron Gerber

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Shane Schwarzenbach

Shane Schwarzenbach

Junior STRIVE Award recipients: Spencer Cohen, Kathryn Gray, Chloe Niebuhr, Payton Sweet, and Henry Zhou.

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