Pine View School 2020 STRIVE Recipients

Marissa Fontaine | Marissa was in the last phase of her high school years when she lost her father to suicide. The trauma could have derailed her. Instead, Marissa became a mentor to and advocate for those who suffered a similar loss and she became active in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Marissa broadened her extracurricular outreach and participated in community theatre and became a team manager and coach for a gymnastics team.

Despite the upheaval of her high school years, Marissa achieved a 4.7 GPA in her senior year. She is interested in studying biomedical science and possibly becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Katie Beal

Katie Beal
GPA: 3.2
Career Interest: Psychologist

Zane Comingore | Pine View School

Zane Comingore
GPA: 3.4
Career Interest: Engineer

Elizabeth Hopkins | Pine View School

Elizabeth Hopkins
Career Interest: Journalism

Matthew McCool | Pine View School

Matthew McCool
GPA 4.04
Career Interest: Video Game Producer

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Akane Beardow, Nicolas Barran, Addison Hamill, Keleigh Koeniger, Nicholas McSpadden

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