Booker High School STRIVE Recipients

Helen Mosquera | All her life, Helen Mosquera has felt pulled in many directions. Her mother is Honduran, her father Cuban, and she was born in Sarasota, Florida. She has lived all her life in Sarasota, growing just as the city itself has grown so much over these past 18 years.

Helen’s mom speaks little English, and when Helen was younger, she didn’t yet understand the advantages of being bilingual. She was a translator for her mom at doctor visits, school meetings, and other appointments. There have been times, too, when she hasn’t felt Honduran or Cuban or American enough.

Now a senior at Booker High School, the STRIVE Award recipient learned at an early age that she would keep quiet about her struggles. She made friends at school and was a good student, but she was reserved.

Read her full STRIVE story.

STRIVE Award recipient Helen Mosquera
STRIVE Award recipient Mariana Guia Arroyo

Mariana Guia Arroyo

STRIVE Award recipient Kara Marceus

Kara Marceus

STRIVE Award recipient Miczael Barbosa Noa

Miczael Barbosa Noa

STRIVE Award recipient Giovanni Roman

Giovanni Roman

Junior STRIVE Award recipients: Evilly Mendes Araujo, Miracle Deveaux, MyKayla Graham, Cristobal Lugardo-Lopez, and Delcy Vazquez-Calderon

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