Booker High School STRIVE Recipients

ERICK REYNOSO | With Erick’s childhood split between the United States and Mexico, he struggled to grasp English in school while Hispanic friends teased him for his halting Spanish. Erick’s turnaround started in his freshman year when he learned how to develop a postsecondary plan and build leadership and essential skills. He started Booker’s first UnidosNow Club to help underperforming Hispanic students and served on the superintendent’s advisory board. Erick excelled in rigorous honors classes and is graduating with a 4.4 GPA. He’s majoring in computer science at Florida State University and hopes ultimately to be the first in his family to earn a doctorate degree. 

Erick Reynoso - Booker High School STRIVE Awards
Jailyn Gentile - Booker High School STRIVE Awards

Jailyn Gentile
Career Interest:
History Teacher

Jakobie Green - Booker High School STRIVE Awards

Jakobie Green
Career Interest:
Business Executive or Lawyer, inevitably becoming a Judge

Andrea Guia Guevara - Booker High School STRIVE Awards

Andrea Guia Guevara
Career Interest:
Business and Gastronomy

Olivia Santamaria - Booker High School STRIVE Awards

Olivia Santamaria
Career Interest:

Junior STRIVE Recipients: Kayla Chapa, Sonny Jenkins Jr., Jenna Lee Logan, Giacomo Mutti, Raven Peterson

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