Student Mentoring Program

Kareem - student mentoring program Are you interested in being a part of a comprehensive student mentoring program to help you plan and prepare for your future beyond high school? Would you benefit from a trusted advisor who would provide you one-on-one support? Are you highly motivated to pursue something beyond high school but not quite sure how to navigate all the options and decisions?

We know these traits mean so much to you while balancing school and planning for your future while holding down jobs and facing challenges at home.

Students who request mentors come from various backgrounds and family structures, but they all are looking for a trusted advisor willing to help.

Student Mentoring Program Description and Expectations:

  • Be a rising senior at a Sarasota County Schools high school
  • Share your plans to pursue postsecondary* education
  • Attend and participate in workshops and meetings
  • Engage in a financial literacy workshop
  • Attend school regularly (no more than four absences per quarter)
  • Stay drug and crime-free
  • Exhibit good behavior in and out of school

To be considered for this program, students are required to complete an online application. Application below!

*Postsecondary refers to post-high school education, including two-year and higher college degrees and/or workforce relevant industry and professional certifications from technical colleges and military service.