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As the only organization exclusively dedicated to supporting students and teachers in Sarasota County Schools, the Education Foundation of Sarasota County understands the vital role dedicated, passionate teachers play in preparing the next generation for life after high school. 

We support innovative, caring teachers through EducateSRQ Classroom Grants, which allow teachers to transform learning and meet their students’ unique needs. We celebrate and honor teachers through the annual Ignite Education Teacher of the Year Award Celebration. And we foster opportunities for growth and connection through resources such as Education Roundtable Talks.   

Supported by generous philanthropists and donors, we can respond to teachers’ unique needs in focused ways that other organizations cannot. 

Become a champion for teacher success today. You can help sponsor the Ignite Education Teacher of the Year Award Celebration. You can support teacher grants. Or you can invest in our teacher resources 

With your help, we can do more for teachers who help ensure each and every Sarasota County student thrives beyond high school.  

How do we support and celebrate teachers?

Here are ways we champion teachers and invest in their success:

Ignite Education Teacher of the Year Award Celebration
Our annual award ceremony represents the deep appreciation Sarasota County has for the hard work, compassion, and commitment of teachers across our community.

Teacher Grants
Thanks to generous donors, we provide as much as $200,000 in teacher grants each year. These grants provide vital financial support to teachers and schools for classroom supplies, equipment, activities, field trips, and innovative learning opportunities.

Teacher Resources
Through Education Roundtable Talks, a teacher ambassador program, and other initiatives, we seek to inspire and connect teachers and make their jobs a little easier.

Support teachers and all they do for their students and the community. 

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