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APWA (American Public Works Association), Florida Chapter-Suncoast Branch
Award: $2,000
Deadline: June 30, 2024

The Suncoast Branch of the Florida Chapter American Public Works Association (APWA) Scholarship Program is designed to assist those individuals who are pursuing a career in the Public Works field.  Encompassing disciplines from engineering, public administration, or continuing education for career enhancement of public agency employees is the philosophy of the Association.  This assistance in education promotes and ensures a continuation of the high level of skill, talent, and professionalism that is the pride of every member.

UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE PROGRAM:  Awarded to a college or college-bound student who is currently enrolled or enrolling at an accredited college or university, seeking a degree in a public works-related field; OR a graduate college student who is currently enrolled at an accredited college or university pursuing an advanced degree in a public works-related field.  An applicant entering college or university for the first time must provide proof of registration.  An applicant continuing their undergraduate/graduate studies must provide proof of registration and a transcript from an accredited college/university with this application.  Digital transcript format is acceptable, but official transcript may be requested at Committee’s discretion.  Up to $2,000 Award per year.  Available for a maximum of 2 years (or $4000 total).


  • Award amounts are determined each year by the Suncoast Branch Scholarship Committee.
  • Funds shall be used for fees including, but not limited to, tuition and books at an accredited private university or college, state university or college, technical centers, and agencies.
  • Upon request, recipients shall furnish receipts to the Scholarship Committee validating proper use of funds. Failure to furnish receipts, or spending funds on unapproved items will result in the applicant being ineligible for future funding.

Scholarship Program Information and Application

Important Information

What high schools does this scholarship apply to? All
Number of Available Awards: Varies
Intended Major: College-bound student pursuing a degree in a public works field (i.e. engineering, public administration)
Scholarship Criteria: Major
Scholarship Location: Local
Minimum GPA:
Minimum SAT Score:
Minimum ACT Score:
Is the scholarship renewable? Yes
How to Renew: Renewable for one additional year but must reapply (up to max of $4,000)
Is an essay required? Yes
Are service hours required? No

Organization Information

Nancy Brooking

Additional Information

Ethnic Background:
National Origin:
Student Groups:
Residency: Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto Counties.
Grades: 12th or current college students
Class Rank: