SCF Excellence Award Scholarship
State College of Florida
Award: Two years tuition and fees for up to 15 credits a semester
Deadline: April 15, 2024

The SCF Excellence Award is a scholarship for high school seniors in Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties who plan to enroll at the State College of Florida in the upcoming Fall semester. The scholarship is for two years tuition and fees for up to 15 credits a semester (Fall and Spring) for up to 4 semesters.

To be eligible for this scholarship student must:
• Be a May/June 2024 high school graduate from Manatee, Sarasota, or Charlotte County
• Enroll at SCF starting in the Fall 2024 semester. May not be deferred.
• Have a minimum high school GPA of a 3.0 (attach proof of GPA)
• Write a paragraph to explain how this scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals
• Submit a completed, signed application by deadline of April 15th, 2024.
• Combined awards cannot exceed SCF cost of attendance

To be eligible for the second year of this scholarship student must:
• Have a minimum SCF GPA of a 2.5

Deadline to apply for the SCF Excellence Award is April 15th, 2024. Please email completed applications to Admissions@scf.edu. The scholarship committee will review applications and choose up to two students per high school with a minimum of one to receive the award.

Please make sure to submit all of the following prior to the April 15th deadline:
• Completed application
• Written explanation of how this scholarship will help you
• Proof of GPA (ex. photo, screenshot, unofficial transcript emailed to admissions@scf.edu)

SCF Excellence Award Scholarship 2024


Important Information

What high schools does this scholarship apply to? All
Number of Available Awards: Varies
Intended Major:
Scholarship Criteria: Enroll at SCF starting in the Fall 2024 semester
Scholarship Location: Local
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Minimum SAT Score:
Minimum ACT Score:
Is the scholarship renewable? Yes
How to Renew: Have a minimum SCF GPA of a 2.5
Is an essay required? Yes
Are service hours required? No

Organization Information

(941) 752-5000

Additional Information

Ethnic Background:
National Origin:
Student Groups:
Residency: Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte Counties
Grades: 12th
Class Rank: