Boca Grande Woman’s Club Scholarship
Boca Grande Woman’s Club
Award: Varies
Deadline: February 1, 2022

The Boca Grande Woman’s Club offers scholarship assistance each year to a selected number of Boca Grande students graduating from accredited high schools and to qualified adults primarily employed on Boca Grande.  The awards are made on a semester basis, but they are not automatically ongoing.  They must be applied for each semester and are subject to the student’s continued academic standing and financial need.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Have applied for admission to a school for post-secondary education, such as a university, college, trade or vocational school.
  2. Demonstrate a B or better high school average.
  3. Meet Island Connection:
    1. reside in Boca Grande, or
    2. be the child or grandchild of such resident, or
    3. be the child of a parent, grandparent, or guardian currently employed on Boca Grande who has been employed a minimum of two years and whose primary source of income comes from work on Boca Grande, or
    4. be an applicant who personally contributes to the Boca Grande community and has documentation of employment and / or volunteer work for a minimum of 20 hours per week for at least 40 weeks over a two year period.
  4. Complete FAFSA form – go to fafsa.gov online and submit current SAR (Student Aid Report) as part of the application.
  5. Complete the BGWC Scholarship Application, and submit the letters of recommendations.

Scholarship Application


Important Information

What high schools does this scholarship apply to? All
Number of Available Awards: Varies
Intended Major:
Scholarship Criteria: Merit based, need-based, must live in or have connection to Boca Grande area
Scholarship Location: Local
Minimum GPA: 2.7 (B Average)
Minimum SAT Score:
Minimum ACT Score:
Is the scholarship renewable? Yes
How to Renew: Renewal not guaranteed, must reapply each semester
Is an essay required? Yes
Are service hours required? Yes

Organization Information

P.O. Box 65
Boca Grande, FL

Additional Information

Ethnic Background:
National Origin:
Student Groups:
Residency: Live in or have connection to Boca Grande area
Grades: 12th
Class Rank: