State College of Florida
Description: This bootcamp is a live, instructor-led technology training course. The course includes real life practice problems that lead to a well-rounded portfolio of websites, code samples and projects. Hands-on practice simulations will also be used to prepare students for industry certifications. Our Software Development coding bootcamp is powered by Flatiron School and designed to teach you the latest in web development technology. The course is rigorous yet designed to allow full-time professionals a flexible option. Your cohort of peers along with a talented instructor will help guide you to success.
Duration: Full time enrollment requires that participants attend for twenty-four weeks. Successful completions require approximately 12 hours of live instruction and 15+ hours of self study each week. Total course training time is 640 hours. Participants are required to attend course meetings three times per week (2 weeknights and Saturdays) for twenty-four weeks. Participants may attend either in person or online.
Cost: The cost of the bootcamp is $11,500. Funding options are available. In particular, Open Door scholarships are open to add to any student that is unemployed, underemployed or furloughed.
Admission Requirements: Application, Interview, Javascript Technical Exercise
Admission Rate: First Cohort begins March 22, 2022
Graduation Rate: N/A
Job Outcomes: The SCF Coding Academy has relationships with local industry partners and recruiters. Our industry partners are committed to the success of the Coding Academy and its participants. They provide mentorship, interview technical skills preparation, and career opportunities. In our program, you’ll hone communication and collaboration skills, and you’ll become part of the technical community as you build and share a Github portfolio. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to earn a certification in HTML and CSS. The Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp at SCF prepares students to bring impact to their new roles on day 1.
Ratings: N/A
Notes: All the skills needed to start a career in software engineering in just 24 weeks. The curriculum includes programming concepts, front-end development, back-end development, libraries and APIs. The average salary for a front-end web developer in Sarasota is $72,788*. For a junior software developer it’s $79,743**. And an application developer is $80,835**.

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