Description: A 14-week, full-stack development program teaches both front-end and back-end subjects. Students learn how to solve problems, think like a programmer, and succeed in the fast-paced technology workplace. They can transfer their skills to easily pick-up other programming languages. It strives to adapt its curriculum to meet employer needs and match industry trends.
Duration: 14-weeks, full-time, Monday-Friday 1 pm-9 pm, 65 hours per week; part-time 12 weeks per module, with 3 total modules, Tuesday, and Thursday 10 pm to 12:30 am and Saturday 1 pm-5:30 pm. Each student has access to full-time instructors who offer specialized attention to each enrollee. Full-time students complete multiple individual and team projects; part-time students complete multiple individual projects.
Cost: There is a $395 deposit which may be waived. The full-time tuition is $13,995 (less various discounts); part-time $3,995 (less various discounts). Most students receive some combination of discounts, such as early registration and female discounts. Income sharing agreements are available to full-time and part-time coding students, but discounts are unavailable. Review the ISA requirements. Consider crowdfunding the tuition and other expenses.
Admission Requirements: Technical background is not necessary. It offers a free 2-week prep course which beginners should take. There is an interview and a brief assessment of some basics. The program is suitable for individuals age 18 and older.
Admission Rate: N/A
Graduation Rate: 95% of the online students complete the program.
Job Outcomes: 95% of coding students who actively participate in a job search find in-field jobs, primarily in Southern California. The bootcamp is licensed by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and reports its placement statistics to the BPPE. It does not guarantee an in-field job after graduation.
Ratings: 4.91/5 (Career Karma), 4.99/5 (Course Reports), 4.98/5 (SwitchUp). Read the reviews. Best Bootcamp 2020-2021 (Course Reports), Best Bootcamp Winner 2021 (SwitchUp)
Notes: N/A

Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Cassandra Cheung
Email: Cassandra.cheug@learningfuze.com
Phone Number: (714) 728-3854