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Description: The largest bootcamp with, among many other locations, a Tampa campus. The program is designed for beginners. Students learn the fundamental skills to build a full-stack software development (in its terminology, engineering) career, including a computer science framework, collaboration tools, and programming language instruction. Provides individualized instructor support with one-on-one check-ins and office hours, a student success team, and a personal career coach. Students graduate with a portfolio of individual and group projects.
Duration: Full-time software development immersive takes 12 weeks; part-time flex takes 24 weeks.
Cost: The tuition for the full-time immersive is $15,950; for the part-time flex is $14,950. Has an income sharing agreement with a $250 deposit, which can be waived. With an ISA, repayment begins when a graduate secures a job paying at least $40,000. After reaching the minimum income threshold, payments equal 10% of monthly earnings over 48 months, with total payments capped at 1.5 times the tuition. Carefully review the ISA requirements. Offers a See Her Excel tuition discount of $1500 for women in the full-time program. Other discounts exist for those demonstrating financial need and if from underrepresented groups. Consider crowdfunding the tuition and other expenses.
Admission Requirements: There are no tech prerequisites. It's a free online, self-paced learning platform (Dash) that presents the software development fundamentals for beginners. Requires two interviews and a short technical assessment. Once accepted, must complete a pre-work assignment to get up to speed in web development. Recommends a Mac laptop.
Admission Rate: N/A
Graduation Rate: As independently verified, in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, full-time students in all programs had an 80.3% Graduation Rate.
Job Outcomes: As independently verified, in 2018 through the first quarter of 2019, 91.6% of full-time immersive graduates obtained an in-field job within 180 days after graduation, with an additional 7.9% accepting a job offer after 180 days, for a total of 99.5% placement rate. Has an enormous alum body, with tens of thousands of graduates. It has placed more graduates in tech careers than any other coding bootcamp.
Ratings: 4.6/5 (Career Karma), 4.28/5 (Course Report), 4.28/5 (SwitchUp). Read the reviews. 2021 SwitchUp Best Bootcamp Winner
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