Flatiron School
Description: Provides students with the skills needed to succeed in the tech world, with success tied to graduates getting in-field jobs. The bootcamp offers full-time and part-time online software development (in its terminology, engineering) programs with one-on-one technical mentorships and personal career coaches for up to one year post-graduation. If lack a tech background, applicants should enroll in its free prep course.
Duration: Full-time 5 months, 45-50 hours per week, with an average class size of 20 students. Part-time 10 months, 20-25 hours per week, with an average class size of 40 students.
Cost: Tuition is $15,000. Generally, a $500 deposit, but will waive for the resource-challenged. The income sharing agreement requires a $2850 deposit, which cannot be waived. With an ISA, once a graduate achieves a minimum income threshold of $40,000 a year, monthly payments equal 10% of monthly income until reach a cap of $26,775, make 48 payments, or 96 months have passed after the end of a grace period, whichever comes first. Carefully review the ISA requirements. The multiple equals 1.5 times the tuition amount and the deposit. Offers a money-back guarantee of the tuition, with conditions, if not hired within 6 months after graduation. Consider crowdfunding the tuition, deposit, and other expenses.
Admission Requirements: Although no previous coding experience is required, it recommends its free 75-hour prep course so applicants can experience its curriculum and culture as well as explore if passionate about a coding career. Applicants must complete a written application and a non-technical interview. Rolling start dates.
Admission Rate: About 6-8% of applicants are admitted. Looking for those who fit culturally with an aptitude for and a passion for learning to code.
Graduation Rate: About 99% for the online programs.
Job Outcomes: As independently verified, in 2018 79% of the online graduates completed a job search cycle. Of these, 93% accepted a job offer within one year of beginning a job search cycle, with 34% accepting a job within 30 days, 58% within 60 days, 75% within 120 days, 85% within 180 days. Seventy-five percent accepted a full-time salaried job at an average starting salary of $72,259; 23% accepted a full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, or free-lance job at an average pay of $34 per hour; 2% accepted part-time work at an average pay of $21 per hour. Has an alum base of 5,550 graduates.
Ratings: 4.8/5 (Career Karma), 4.67/5 (Course Report), 4.67/(SwitchUp). Read the reviews. Best Coding Bootcamp 2020-Career Karma, Best Online Bootcamp 2020-Career Karma, #1 Best Bootcamp 2020-Course Report
Notes: As of January 1, 2021, Flatiron School no longer offers ISAs.

Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Tiwanna Hamilton
Email: tiwannahamilton@flatironschool.com
Phone Number: (646) 838-3689