Description: Students learn full-stack programming in two languages either full-time or part-time. Learning occurs either live online, on-site in Tampa among other locations, or in a hybrid format combining online and on-site. All students receive career support.
Duration: The full-time immersive program takes 16 weeks, with classes Monday through Friday 10 am-4 pm plus homework. The part-time flex program takes 26 weeks, with classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30 pm and Saturdays 10 am-2 pm plus homework.
Cost: $250 deposit can be waived on a case-by-case basis. Tuition for the full-time immersive program is $14,950 and for the part-time flex program $9,950. Does not offer an income sharing agreement. There are early bird discounts of up to $500 and You Belong In Tech Scholarships of up to $1500 for full-time students and up to $1000 for part-time students from underrepresented groups in tech, including females, Black, and Latino. Builder Scholarships are open to applicants of any background with especially inspired lives, goals, and achievements. Scholarships cannot be combined. Scholarship recipients are not eligible for early enrollment discounts. Consider crowdfunding the tuition and other expenses.
Admission Requirements: Prior tech experience is not required. The admissions process requires both a coding exercise and a meeting designed to test aptitude and will-power. Suggests free prep courses. Encourages the use of Mac laptops and provides a laptop rental program.
Admission Rate: Roughly 25% of applicants get accepted. The non-accepted rate includes those who apply but never complete the admissions process.
Graduation Rate: Currently (as of November 2020), upwards of a 94% Graduation Rate: for online programs. Independently verified Student Outcomes Report for 2018 showed an 84% in-person immersive Graduation Rate. In 2019, the in-person Graduation Rate: for the immersive program was 91%, for the flex program 80%.
Job Outcomes: As independently verified, 2018 Student Outcomes Report, 85% of on-site immersive program graduates landed technical jobs within 6 months of their job search start (70% received an offer within 3 months of their job search start, 11% within 3 to 6 months, 4% after 6 months). Of those with technical jobs, 82% were employed full-time, 15% had apprenticeships, contract employment, and 3% were employed by DigitalCrafts in technical roles. The median salaries offered for technical jobs were $60,000.
Ratings: 4.6/5 (Career Karma), 4.87/5 (Course Report), 4.94/5 (SwitchUp). Potential applicants should read the reviews. 2021 SwitchUp Best Bootcamp Winner
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Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Kanaiza Imbuye
Email: Kanaiza@digitalcrafts.com
Phone Number: (833) 327-2397