Coding Dojo
Description: This bootcamp offers full-time and part-time full-stack software developer programs, which cover 3 programming languages, more languages than its major competitors, Flatiron School, General Assembly, and Hack Reactor. Students receive real-time support from instructors and lifetime career services.
Duration: The online full-time software development immersive takes 14 weeks, at least 70 hours per week, more likely 70-90 hours per week. Class size is limited to 40 students with rolling start dates. The part-time accelerated program takes a minimum of l6 weeks (1 programming language from Python, MERN, or Java), 24 weeks (2 languages), 32 weeks (3 languages), 25 hours per week on evenings and Saturdays. After a part-time student passes the first belt exam, the option exists to add 2nd or 3rd languages. Class size is limited to 30 students with rolling start dates.
Cost: Both the full-time and part-time programs require a $1000 deposit which may be waived as part of an income-sharing agreement. Tuition is $14,995 for full-time students and for part-time students-1 language $6,995, 2 languages $10,995, 3 languages $14,995. Income sharing agreements let students begin to pay their tuition once they earn at least $32,000 per year. Terms are fixed at 9.5% (part-time students) and 9.8% (full-time students) of earned income paid monthly. An ISA ends when a graduate completes the requisite number of monthly payments (48 for full-time students or 20 for 1 language part-time students) or reaches the repayment cap of $28,000 for full-time students or $9,995 for 1 language part-time student, whichever happens first. The tuition multiple is 1.87 for full-time students and 1.43 for 1 language part-time students. Carefully review the ISA details and consider crowdfunding the tuition and other expenses. It offers partial up to $1500 Women in Tech scholarships and up to $2000 Diversity scholarships for underrepresented students in either program.
Admission Requirements: Coding experience is optional. Determination, humility, and hard work are paramount. Recommends applicants be at least 18 years old. There is no coding challenge or technical assessment. However, the full-time program requires an interview; it’s open enrollment for the part-time program. Provides free online prep course.
Admission Rate: The bootcamp accepts 20% of applicants per cohort.
Graduation Rate: Currently (as of November 2020), the Graduation Rate: is 94% for the full-time program; 89% for the part-time program. Requires passing three 4-hour belt exams and building a working application of technologies learned.
Job Outcomes: For full-time graduates, 86% in-field placement rate within 180 days post-graduation at an average salary of $76,500 per year. It tracks its own data. Significant alum base with more than 5000 graduates.
Ratings: 4.43/5 (Course Report), 4.57/5 (SwitchUp). Potential applicants should read the reviews. Course Report Best Online Bootcamp 2020 and SwitchUp Best Bootcamp Winner 2021
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Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: David Chanoine
Email: dchanoine@codingdojo.com
Phone Number: (650) 651-5473