CodeX Academy
Description: CodeX Academy, an online software development bootcamp, leverages four pillars of success to ensure the in-field marketability of its graduates: 1. Using a mastery-based learning style to make certain students fully understand the code they learn before moving on to the next step. It does not rush students through the curriculum to meet deadlines for the next cohort. 2. During the learning pathway, pairing each student with a mentor, who works with each student on average 5 hours per week, serves as a coach and instructor, helping answer questions or problems a student may have or even assist on projects. 3. Each student receives the opportunity to participate in a paid internship to help jumpstart a resume’s experience section. 4. Helping students by providing career coaching.
Duration: The full-time full-stack developer program requires 6 months (24 weeks). The part-time program takes 48 weeks.
Cost: The full-stack developer program costs $9,900. There is no deposit. It offers an income-sharing agreement allowing students to attend at no cost with payments to begin once they obtain software developer jobs fixed at 10% of their income capped at a multiple of 1.25 times the tuition amount. Carefully review the ISA requirements and consider crowdfunding the tuition and other expenses. When applying for this program, use the coupon code "PLANITSARASOTA" to have your application fee waived.
Admission Requirements: There are no requirements, behavioral or technical interviews or assessments, only an interest in coding and wanting to enroll in the program. No prep courses are recommended or required. Rolling admissions with students able to start every Monday.
Admission Rate: N/A
Graduation Rate: Anticipate 94% of students will complete the program.
Job Outcomes: As a result of the paid internships and its hiring partners, anticipates all graduates will obtain in-field jobs either through the company they interned with or its hiring partners. It will track its own data.
Ratings: N/A
Notes: This bootcamp, which began operations in early 2020 just before the pandemic, anticipates graduating its first cohort in December 2020. Currently (as of November 2020), it has some 150 enrolled students. When applying for this program, use the coupon code "PLANITSARASOTA" to have your application fee waived.

Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Phillip Henry
Email: phil@codex.academy
Phone Number: (615) 839-9859