Description: With the aim of helping students realize their full potential in the world of coding, the bootcamp offers a deep understanding of website development and various information systems, covering in-demand programming languages. Its proprietary business-simulation program combines hard and soft skills to create a new breed of business-ready developers.
Duration: Full-time, 16-week full-stack software development bootcamp, with cohorts starting every 4 months. Most participants spend at least 50 hours per week submitting high-quality deliverables.
Cost: Requires a non-waivable deposit of $2000, which includes the loan of a laptop, if needed. Tuition is $10,000. Those in the online program are eligible for a deferred tuition plan. Once graduates land a job, they pay the tuition in the amount of 20% of their first year’s salaries. There is no extended income sharing agreement. Consider crowdfunding the deposit, the tuition, connectivity, and living expenses.
Admission Requirements: As an open enrollment program, all applicants are accepted and pay the refundable deposit to become candidates. Once admitted, candidates begin a 2-week selection program, called Genesis, to determine if CodeBoxx is the right fit and see if the tech industry suits them. Successful students move on the 14-week Odyssey program, a set of 14 sprints, covering 14 themes, in a business simulation environment. Coaches mentor participants each week, with a maximum coach to participant ratio of 1:6. Unsuccessful Genesis students receive a full refund of their deposits. On successful completion of the Odyssey program, students receive a deposit reimbursement.
Admission Rate: Roughly 70% of the candidates qualify for the Odyssey program following the successful completion of the Genesis program.
Graduation Rate: 95% of the Odyssey students complete the program.
Job Outcomes: It guarantees a job to every graduate through its partner business, mainly Canadian firms, and its own digital workshop, its consulting arm. At its physical campuses, it has a 94% placement rate, with 6% choosing to do something else. The average in-field first-year salary is $49,000. It tracks its own data.
Ratings: 4.83/5 (Course Report), 4.9/5 (SwitchUp)
Notes: CodeBoxx is a Canadian-based bootcamp that anticipates opening a Tampa-St. Pete campus in 2021.

Organization Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Marc-Olivier Groleau
Email: marco@codeboxx.biz
Phone Number: (581) 997-0924