Tool and Die Maker Apprenticeship
Description: Career Source Suncoast serves as the program sponsor for the Tool and Die Maker Apprenticeship. Currently (October 2020), PGT Innovations is the only employer participating in the program.
Duration: The program requires 4 years.
Compensation: The participating employer pays apprentices a minimum of $10.25 per hour (as of October 2020) to start.
Entry Requirements: Applicants must be at least 16 years old and be able to carry out the position’s duties. Experience and/or education in manufacturing, especially as a machinist, is preferred.
Applicants and Apprentices in Program: It is up to the hiring employer as to how many apprentices it needs.
Completion Rate: 100% of the apprentices complete the program.
Job Prospects: All the apprentices become journeymen- employees of the participating employer when they finish their apprenticeship. Currently (as of October 2020), a journeyman tool and die maker at PGT Innovation earns $18.75 per hour plus benefits.
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Organization Point of Contact

Sponsor: Career Source Suncoast
Anthony Gagliano
(941) 243-6821