Stage Technician Apprenticeship
Description: The Technical Theatre Apprentice Program’s mission focuses on training the next generation of professional theatre technicians and is designed for individuals interested in a technical theatre career. Upon completion of the graduation requirements, an apprentice earns a Florida Department of Education Apprenticeship Division certificate as a stage technician. Program graduates go directly into the workforce or on to college.
Duration: The apprenticeship lasts approximately 2 years and each apprentice averages about 20-25 hours per week or works over the 2-year period.
Compensation: Each apprentice receives compensation based on various factors.
Entry Requirements: Candidates must be at least 16 years old and have a real interest in technical theatre as a potential career path. Candidates must submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, an application, and go through an interview process. The program only accepts new apprentices in the fall of each year.
Applicants and Apprentices in Program: The program averages 2-3 applicants per year. Acceptance depends on meeting the entry requirements, especially the interview, but the program accepts no more than 5 apprentices each year. Four apprentices are currently (as of October 2020) in the program.
Completion Rate: About 85% of the apprentices complete the program.
Job Prospects: About 70% of the apprentices obtain in-field jobs on graduation. Most of the remaining 30% will enter college or a graduate program.
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Organization Point of Contact

Sponsor: Venice Theatre Technical Theatre Apprentice Program
Sandy Davisson
(941) 486-8679