Installer Apprenticeship
Description: The apprentice program in the installer department teaches skills for individuals to become installers of casework (such as cabinets) and millwork (such as doors) for the sponsor.
Duration: The program is about 18 months long.
Compensation: Apprentices start at $13-15 per hour, as of October 2020.
Entry Requirements: Sponsor looks for those who are humble, hungry, smart, and interested in learning a trade, so they can be taught carpentry on-the-job.
Applicants and Apprentices in Program: Sponsor is always looking for installer apprentices. No specific number of applicants and apprentices in the program.
Completion Rate: N/A
Job Prospects: If apprentices successfully complete the program, they move into installer helper or installer role, depending on their skills acquired.
Notes: Adams Group has not registered this apprentice program with the Florida Department of Education.

Organization Point of Contact

Sponsor: Adams Group
Tara Marshall
(941) 270-8227