HVAC Apprenticeship Program
Description: MACCA is a Florida Department of Education registered HVAC Apprenticeship Program (#FL-001970020) which was established in November 1997. The MACCA program provides approved training in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The program consists of 144 classroom hours and 2,000 on-the-job training hours per year, over a three-year period. Graduation from the program allows the apprentice to take the optional state journeyman exam. All instructors are industry experienced and registered with the state. The program is administered through MACCA’s Apprenticeship Committee and is held at two locations at Suncoast Technical College (STC), Sarasota and North Port Campuses.
Duration: The MACCA Apprenticeship Program is a three-year program. Students attend a four-hour class, one night a week for 36 weeks.
Compensation: Apprentices attending the MACCA program work with participating employers and receive compensation in form of their weekly salary. Additionally, the enrollment fees for the program are covered by their employer.
Entry Requirements: The requirements are as follows: 1. At least 18 years of age. 2. Physically capable of performing the work of the trade. 3. Possess valid Florida Drivers License. 4. Be employed by a participating MACCA employer.
Applicants and Apprentices in Program: Approximately 15-20 individuals apply for admission into the Yr. 1 program. Yr. 2 and Yr. 3 consist of returning apprentices. Most applicants are accepted and currently, there are 40 students in the program.
Completion Rate: 85%
Job Prospects:

Organization Point of Contact

Sponsor: Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association (MACCA)
Robin Parsons, Executive Director
(941) 404-3407