Fire Fighter Medic Apprenticeship
Description: The program is a non-construction occupation apprenticeship for Fire Fighter-EMTs and Fire Fighter-Paramedics. It is an on-the-job training program.
Duration: The program requires 7,000 training hours and lasts approximately 42 months.
Compensation: As of October 2020, the annual starting salary is $44,525 to $55,131, plus benefits.
Entry Requirements: Entry into the program requires State of Florida minimum standards certified Fire Fighter II and certified EMT-Basic. The education timeline for both certifications is approximately one year of post-high school graduation vocational training. Some vocational schools provide this training during students’ junior and senior years if they elect the appropriate courses.
Applicants and Apprentices in Program: The apprenticeship begins once individuals are hired as apprentice Fire Fighters. As vacancies become available and as the sponsor expands, it hires new apprentices. The sponsor averages about 10 new apprentices per year. As of October 2020, the sponsor had 54 apprentices.
Completion Rate: Approximately 90 percent of the apprentices complete the program.
Job Prospects: On completion of the program, each apprentice obtains Journey Worker status and retains employment with the sponsor. As of October 2020, the initial salary on completion of the apprenticeship is $58,161 for a Fire Fighter-EMT and $70,914 for a Fire Fighter-Paramedic plus various benefits.
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Organization Point of Contact

Sponsor: North Port Fire Rescue District
Captain Raymond Coyle
(941) 240-8156