Publix Equips Teachers with Tools for Schools

Nov 15, 2022

Understanding the power of education and of giving, Publix launches its yearly Tools for Schools campaign. Customers and associates donate at checkout counters, and 100% of these financial gifts are donated to local nonprofits that directly assist students and teachers. A longtime supporter of the Education Foundation of Sarasota County, Publix donated over $50,000 this year for our EducateSRQ Classroom Grants, which allow teachers to get classroom supplies, learning materials, and new technology they would otherwise have been unable to obtain. This donation and the many others across Publix’s footprint have made a tremendous difference in the lives of students and teachers. Here in Sarasota this school year, through our EducateSRQ Classroom Grants, innovative teachers have used Legos to teach the power of storytelling. They have taught students about coastal ecosystems and sea turtle nesting habitats through a hands-on lab simulation that made abstract ideas concrete. Teachers have outfitted their classrooms with furniture and supplies that make learning more accessible to diverse students with different learning styles and life experiences. Tools for Schools, as Community Relations Manager Brian West notes, reflects Publix’s belief that education changes lives and that students and teachers need more support. For Mr. West, who has worked for Publix for 32 years, championing education hits close to home: his wife has worked in elementary education for 24 years. He “lives, eats, and breathes” education and gets to see the impact amazing teachers and lessons can have on young learners. As for his job with Publix, Mr. West loves it and believes he has the best one in the organization. “Every day,” he says, “I get to see all the ways Publix is giving back.”