Truist Foundation Supports Student Success

Oct 19, 2022

In July, the Truist Foundation generously awarded the Education Foundation of Sarasota County $30,000 to support student success to reach students in underserved communities and connect them with comprehensive resources to plan and prepare for life after high school.

Truist Bank has invested in the work we do—$55,000 this year—reflecting their firm commitment to education and its transformative powers.

Truist team members speaking at LaunchPad4UMeghan Pietrantonio, Truist Foundation’s Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, has a special connection to education: her mom taught high school Spanish. Of her mom, Meghan said, “She planted a seed of curiosity in me that still thrives today. She taught me to ask one more question and to think about other perspectives and experiences. It is what leads me in my work today and has changed my life.”

The investment of the Truist Foundation allows us to build personal relationships with students and their parents in underserved communities. These dollars allow us to connect students who need extra support with Student Success Coaches, workshops, open houses, and technology they need to plan and prepare for life after high school.

With a commitment to “transforming education in underserved communities,” Truist Foundation’s focus directly aligns with our work to prepare each and every student for life after high school. Thanks to the Truist Foundation’s generous support, we can help more students across Sarasota County graduate more equipped to thrive in college, career, and life.

Said Meghan Pietrantonio, “I am very excited to collaborate with the Education Foundation to help young people navigate and start their career journeys.”