EducateSRQ Teacher and Schoolwide Grants, Meet DonorsChoose

Jul 22, 2022

Each year across Sarasota County Schools, teachers and administrators use EducateSRQ Teacher and Schoolwide Grants to transform lessons and classrooms—even entire schools. These grants allow teachers to envision dream lessons and realize them.

Last year, thanks to EducateSRQ Teacher and Schoolwide Grants, students at Sarasota Military Academy Prep grew microgreens in the windowsills of their classrooms, learning about nutrition, sustainable food, and gardening while incorporating English, social studies, and science lessons. Students at Cranberry Elementary School designed and built tiny motor cars, applying their learning and creativity while using their hands. They worked collaboratively to solve problems. Students at Booker Middle School accessed musical equipment they needed to perform live at school and at locations across Sarasota. They were able to share in the joy of making music together. Students across grade levels collaborated with their teachers at Wilkinson Elementary to create an aqua garden water feature that will serve as a lasting addition to the school. At Tuttle Elementary School, students learned music interactively through web-based technology. They even created their own music and shared it with students from as far away as Australia!

EducateSRQ Teacher and ScStudent at Glenallen Elementary School exploring artificats.hoolwide Grants are a source of inspiration—and we’re excited to open the grant portal in August and begin reviewing this year’s exciting projects.

We’re also excited about a new partnership. One of our generous donors introduced us to the team at DonorsChoose, an organization that connects teachers across the country to donors so that they can realize great projects that inspire in their students a lifelong love of learning. We’ve partnered with DonorsChoose to provide teachers more grant funding, more often, and more easily.

EducateSRQ Teacher and Schoolwide Grants are a tremendous resource to teachers and students—especially to those students who most need extra support. These grants can help teachers bridge technology and achievement gaps. They can provide students new and creative ways to express themselves and what they know and have learned. They can make learning more meaningful and inspire students to find new interests and pursue new pathways. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with DonorsChoose so that we can broaden the impact of these grants at a time when teachers and students most need that extra support.

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