Congratulations Jump Start Scholarship Recipients

Jun 13, 2022

Jumpstart Scholarship recipientsThe Education Foundation is proud to announce 32 recipients of its new Jumpstart Your Future! scholarships. These remarkable students will receive one-year Florida Prepaid College Foundation scholarships, valued at more than $110,000, which will cover 30 credit hours at the Florida state college tuition rate. A full list of recipients follows on page two.

“We’re so proud of these remarkable students,” said Jennifer Vigne, president and CEO of the Education Foundation. “And we are honored to provide this opportunity to high school seniors who most need extra support to realize their dreams of a college degree.”

All 32 students, in addition to receiving the scholarship, will attend three workshops in areas such as financial aid, life skills, and career explorations. These workshops will help students prepare for life after high school.

The Education Foundation launched Jumpstart Your Future! scholarships in February of this year through the creation of the Shanney / Richardson Scholarship Fund. Thanks to generous donor support and a partnership with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, the Education Foundation can help more low-income students pursue educational goals after high school.

Jumpstart Your Future! scholarship recipients:

Booker High School
Chloe Sebiro
Victoria Ventura-Toledo

Florida Virtual School
Rheann Ward

North Port High School
Brittany Rork
Ericka Delva
Kaian Dougherty
Kayleigh Soler
Lauren Hetzer
Madison Christian
Nicholas Pacheco

Riverview High School
Dasha Pushkanova
Evelina Khaybullina
Isabella Moreno
Janice Grantley
Julianna Syros
Kysmet Fiallo
Reyes Wilson
Riley Kuhn
Salvador Castaneda
Zarina Puppato

Sarasota High School
Ana De Luna-Aguinaga
Jesse Bogdanov
Joshua Etienne
Kailea Kuzma
Koby Truong
Maky Quimbaya

Sarasota Military Academy
Michael Pierre

Suncoast Polytech High School
Jasiel Ramirez

Venice High School
Dmitry Kholyusev
Katrina Couch
MingLu Zhang
Sephena Jackson.