Grants help teachers adapt to pandemic

Feb 16, 2021

Earl Young, Director of Operations and System Improvements

When Jeanette Marks, science teacher at Sarasota Military Academy, requested an EducateSRQ grant to purchase a GoPro camera, a certain section of her grant application stood out to us at the Education Foundation of Sarasota County.

“This equipment will be so much more than just a camera; it will be the way students connect with classmates through learning, regardless of where they are physically. Additionally, if we have to shut down again due to COVID-19, I will be able to maintain the remote connection my students have to the field (Sarasota Bay, Philippi Creek, the beaches) so they can learn about the ecosystems where they live, work and play.”

Similarly, when several Venice Elementary School teachers pooled their individual requests in support of Principal Kirk Hutchinson’s request for a sunshade repair that would benefit all students on campus, our attention was grabbed by this section of the application:

“While many of our students traditionally participate in after-school athletic activities and events, the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in many of them being unable to continue this practice. The playground equipment on our campus allows for them to continue with their physical fitness activities and helps foster an awareness of heart-healthy activities. Continue reading.