Caring in the Classroom Starts with Teachers

Feb 2, 2021

Becky van der Bogert

Becky van der Bogert | Education counsel for the Education Foundation and a former superintendent

The classroom is where the spark for learning happens for students, and it takes incredible teachers to light that spark.

For all of my professional life, whether as a school superintendent, university faculty member, or head of school, I have found that the key to an excellent school is identifying talented classroom teachers and making sure they were provided with the necessary resources to grow in their profession.

Taking care of teachers who take care of students became a mission and passion. That’s why, after retiring to this area, I found common cause with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County, with its strong commitment to supporting excellence in teaching and learning.

The affiliation was cinched when I served on a planning committee to explore the possibility of creating and supporting a Teacher Leadership Center within the Education Foundation. The purpose of the envisioned TLC, the caliber of fellow planning committee members, and the input from classroom teachers appealed to me. Continue reading.