Honoring teachers who make magic

Jan 26, 2021

Jennifer Vigne, President & CEO

Jennifer Vigne, President & CEO

We saw magic unfold last week when the creativity, comedic talents and caring hearts of our local teachers were on display in the first virtual production of Sarasota County’s annual Teacher of the Year Awards event.

For years the Education Foundation of Sarasota County has rejoiced in partnering with the district to honor teachers who have built a legacy of going the distance every day for their students. Those of us who work in education long have known that Sarasota County is fortunate to have the finest teachers any community could want.

The extent to which teachers care about their kids became evident to a wider audience when COVID-19 caused major disruptions in how and where teaching and learning takes place. During challenging months of adapting, flexing, and relearning, teachers stayed focused on keeping the teacher-student connection as stable as possible. Whether in altered classrooms or virtual labs, teachers made magic.

Thus, when safety precautions dictated that this year it would be necessary to forego our usual joyful celebration of all district teachers by honoring Teacher of the Year finalists along with teacher representatives from 45 schools, we decided to make a little magic on their behalf.  Continue reading.