Giving it all to meet high expectations

Jan 19, 2021

Becky Satterly

Becky Satterly, math teacher and dropout prevention coordinator at Booker High School and the Sarasota County High School Teacher of the Year.

You get an idea of Becky Satterly as a teacher when she identifies her crowning professional achievement as the time students voted her as the teacher most likely to be on a reality television show.

“It shows they understand me as a person and not just as the person who teaches them things,” Satterly said. “I’m loud, I talk to everybody, and I’m not scared to share expectations.”

As a math teacher and dropout prevention coordinator at Booker High School, Satterly works to make sure students know their deadlines and expectations.

A graduate of Booker, she returned as an educator to help increase the percentage of kids crossing the graduation stage.

In fact, Satterly would like to work herself out of this particular job.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t need a dropout prevention program? If enrollment in this program decreases, that will mean kids are getting what they need without special assistance,” Satterly said.  Continue reading.