Teaching with super-hero costume and HEART

Dec 30, 2020

Emily O'Brien-Swope

Emily O’BrienSwope is a Sarasota County Teacher of the Year from Alta Vista Elementary.

Each school day, students in Emily O’Brien Swope’s fifth grade English language arts class recite the “HEART” pledge consisting of promises and reminders:

Have pride in my work.

Encourage each other.

Attitude is everything.

Responsible for my actions.

Treat everyone nicely.

“The HEART pledge that Emily introduced is an example of how she implements our community of caring core values in her classroom,” said Alta Vista Elementary School principal Barbara Shirley.

Shirley applauded O’Brien Swope’s double focus on increasing student achievement, coupled with building trusting relationships with students and families.

“Emily has a unique ability to simultaneously teach her students, manage the classroom, and fully respond appropriately to the emotional journey of each student,” Shirley said.

This school year, O’Brien Swope teaches both remote learners and “brick and mortar” students concurrently and reaches out to students and families in both learning environments with her trademark creativity and high energy.

Take the YouTube videos that she creates of her wearing a super-hero costume and delivering positive messages and lessons.

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