Education: The spirit of giving in disruptive times

Dec 3, 2020

Cheryl Haller

Cheryl Haller, College Career Advisor

At the Education Foundation of Sarasota County’s LaunchPad4U, a safe and inviting community space for our students and their families, the spirit of giving thrives as the pandemic disrupts our normal lives.

In fact, the isolation and complications wrought by COVID-19 have made it imperative that we reach all our students in Sarasota County schools, especially underrepresented students, and share our insight, experience, and compassion.

On a recent Wednesday evening, students and their parents met at LaunchPad4U to attend a free FAFSA workshop. Wearing masks and socially distancing, they learned about a vital step in the college application process – applying for FAFSA. They received financial aid advice from an expert in the field.

Parents who have no experience sending their kids to college and who have never attended college themselves had the opportunity to speak directly with college career advisers – even if their sons or daughters had to translate for them!

The dreams of a college education become more tangible as students and their families become more informed. Continue reading.