A place for students to launch their futures

Aug 5, 2020

It comes as a surprise to many people that students often need to be taught how to ask for help.

Sarasota County has a population of diverse learners of all ages and various learning styles and abilities, and students’ reasons for not seeking extra help differ. Some students aren’t aware of available support, while others realize it but are reluctant to ask because they’re shy or self-conscious.

Some students, for a variety of reasons, simply don’t know where to go for extra help.

Whatever the reason for some students not speaking up, teachers are keenly aware of and are strong promoters of students developing self-efficacy, i.e., learning to identify what they need and advocating for themselves.

Research shows that students who haven’t learned yet to ask for help struggle more with academic performance and self-esteem, which potentially can impact future advancement in college, career and life readiness. Continue reading.