We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us

Jun 8, 2020

We seem to have made a real mess of ourselves.

The images of our country as a strong and unified nation seem like a distant mirage as we battle a deadly novel coronavirus while also combatting an even deadlier enemy–US, divided.

One ultimately will meet its demise when science advances a vaccine to destroy its ability to spread the contagion while the other will meet its fate only when our souls are laid bare and love for one another triumphs.

I’m not naïve enough to think that any one of us singularly can solve this problem, and frankly, we probably won’t achieve this utopia until we reach the gates of heaven.

But the current strife does call us to accept the incumbent responsibility to be kind, compassionate, accepting leaders — positive role models who embody love for humanity, decency and respect for every person and demonstrate a commitment to eradicate inequities and racism, once and for all. Continue reading.