North Port High Student: From Broken to Running

May 20, 2020

All it took was one second in September 2018. One second the junior cornerback for North Port High School’s Bobcats was running to make a tackle. The next second, he was on his back on the field after colliding with four players at the same time and going helmet-to-helmet, with full force, with one.

“At first, I couldn’t feel anything, and that was frightening,” Wendy said.

Massive relief flooded Wendy and both teams when he started moving his arms and legs within a few minutes, but it was short-lived.

“I tried to stand and that’s when the pain hit hard. They took me off the field on a stretcher. I tried to stay calm and not cry a lot, but I was thinking my future would never be the same,” he said.

Wendy’s neck was broken. Continue reading.