Coronavirus Florida: Teacher finds value in special lessons that last beyond crisis

Apr 8, 2020

Shane Swezey - Education Foundation of Sarasota County Board MemberOne of the first things I did when the COVID-19 school closure was announced was hop online and order a tripod to set up a video studio at home.

From my classroom, I loaded up musical instruments, visuals and everything I could think of to make the video classroom look somewhat like my classroom at Oak Park School, where I am a music therapist working with special-needs kids.

Back home, I found a corner to set up my new teaching space and tried out adapted lesson plans with my two young sons sitting in as students. I’m not sure what my kids expected while watching Daddy sing songs and teach academics tailored around physical and social goals of my students. Continue reading.

Shane Swezey is a music teacher/therapist at Oak Park School and Sarasota County Teacher of the Year 2019.