Students & Families

The "why" behind our efforts at the Education Foundation resides in our students and their families. With the cost of raising a single child in the first quarter of the 21st century hovering around a quarter of a million dollars, every decision matters. Better informed parents, bolstered by a supportive community and caring schools, raise tomorrow’s next greatest generation.

When you factor in 16.4 million U.S. children living in poverty and nearly 5 million college students raising children, the bigger picture begins to emerge. In Sarasota County, nearly 1,000 children are homeless and more than half our students are receiving subsidized meal benefits at their schools. Yet Sarasota County Schools rank as one of only three A-rated school districts in Florida.

Thanks to a community that cares, positive strides are on the rise and negative trends are being reversed. Immigrant and first-generation families find support among educators and administrators. Students with needs ranging from remediation to gifted differentiation have a classroom and a skilled teacher in Sarasota County. At the center of this effort is the Education Foundation, tirelessly raising all boats.