College & Career Readiness

The Education Foundation is committed to empowering students to graduate with a purpose and pursue a postsecondary pathway. We recognize that students and families need additional support in order to create and sustain a college and career culture. We are boosting resources to prepare our students from kindergarten through high school for college and future careers.

The Education Foundation provides positive and well-developed curricular and co-curricular activities grounded in high expectations. This program offers all students, regardless of their academic strengths and achievement, the preparation and readiness necessary so that they are better able to embrace postsecondary educational, training and career opportunities.

A recent national survey reports that approximately 85% of young adults graduate from high school. Fewer than 70% of those graduating students enter college. Of those, fewer than 60% actually complete college and graduate with a degree. The Education Foundation supports the development of a College and Career Readiness initiative by focusing on the many areas challenging students’ postsecondary persistence and success. These include income level, under representation, disabilities, first generation, and lack of skills necessary for academic and career success. Research shows that the more you learn, the more you earn. The Education Foundation of Sarasota County dedicates itself to providing learning and earning opportunities to all students so that they may attain even greater futures. A brighter and stronger youth force today means a brighter and stronger community and workforce tomorrow.

To get involved, please email us or call 941-927-0965.