Give your time and talent

Volunteer at one of our signature programs—judging entries at the STEM Fair, reading classroom grants for EducateSRQ, pitching in at one of our Digital Learning Labs, or supporting us behind the scenes. Build on your experiences by becoming a mentor at community events, such as the SRQHacks Hackathon, or be an ambassador by visiting schools, classrooms, events and community programs on behalf of the Education Foundation. Education Foundation volunteers champion our students, families, teachers and schools, and educate Sarasota County on all that we do.

To get involved, please contact Kati Burns at

share your treasure

Our annual fund, called IgniteSRQ, ensures flexibility when opportunities arise, provides for operations, and goes to the Education Foundation’s greatest needs.



The Education Foundation’s Corporate Partnership program makes it easy for local or global, small- and medium-sized businesses and large corporations to connect with our mission: To strengthen Sarasota County by investing in educational opportunities for the students, teachers and schools of Sarasota County through strategic philanthropy. We would love to meet with you by phone, in your office, or on the beach, boat, course, court, floor, site, or picnic table and customize our collaboration.

Partnership gifts may be made for any amount.



The Education Foundation’s planned giving program, called TransformSRQ, ensures stability for our educational system and our organization and strengthens generations of Sarasota County citizens.

Supporting the Education Foundation via your planned gifts guarantees that our diverse programs and initiatives—from classroom grants to arts education, and from Digital Learning Labs to College and Career Centers—continue to serve every student in Sarasota County. And your gift anticipates initiatives that our educators, leaders, and students haven’t even dreamed of yet.

TransformSRQ gifts may be made for any amount.


Shirley A. Ritchey Endowment Fund

Founder Shirley Ritchey began an endowment fund giving generously to the Education Foundation. Once that endowed fund reaches $1 million, the Education Foundation will be able to access the interest earnings to support some of its operational needs. Gifts to this fund do not directly support the schools, but it does provide significant indirect support by allowing the Education Foundation to fulfill its mission as a stable and well-regarded organization in its community.

To learn more or to support the Shirley A. Ritchey Endowment Fund, please contact Camille Cline at or 941-927-0965.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are a fundamental means for providing post-secondary opportunities for students in financial need. At the Education Foundation, financial aid is needed for children who would thrive in the post-secondary environments, but do not have the means to attend. The opportunity to qualify for what could be a life-altering post-secondary education should be possible for students of promise and character, regardless of their families’ economic circumstances. The Education Foundation would be honored to partner with you in creating meaningful scholarships for our students.

To learn more or to support a scholarship, please contact Camille Cline at or 941-927-0965.

Naming Opportunities

The Education Foundation is also pleased to feature naming opportunities for donors to receive meaningful recognition. From School-wide Grants and event-specific shout-outs to College & Career Centers and Digital Learning Labs, you can honor family, friends, or your favorite teacher with a gift that gives to generations of Sarasota County students.

To learn more, please contact Camille Cline at or 941-927-0965.

Planning Your Gift

TransformSRQ bequests are invaluable gifts that may be directed to any school, program or scholarship the investor desires. They also may be left unrestricted to allow the Education Foundation to designate the funds—when received—where the need is greatest. A planned gift may include outlays from retirement plans, wills, living trusts, and life insurance policies and they may be adjusted at any time to reflect a donor’s life situation. They also may benefit a donor’s family by reducing estate taxes.

A planned gift to TransformSRQ, the new iteration of the Visionary Society, stimulates growth for Sarasota County, not only toward its schools, but its entire economy. It ensures stability and strength for generations. By including the Education Foundation as a beneficiary to wills, charitable trusts, and retirement plans, donors provide their families and themselves with tax benefits in meeting their personal and philanthropic goals. TransformSRQ gifts may be made for any amount. Our vision and mission, coupled with our mandates and responsibilities to our community, are giant endeavors for a small Education Foundation. The Education Foundation and Sarasota County Schools must continue to play a central role in training students for leadership and academic success and foster more engaged global citizens.

To learn more or make a planned gift, please contact Camille Cline at or 941-927-0965.

Giving Made Easy

Whether you are new to giving or have a long history of philanthropy, we provide a primer on ways to give in the How You Help section of our website. Consider the following list as you plan your philanthropic gifts for this and coming years:

Charitable Remainder Trust
Donor-Advised Funds
Low Basis Stocks
IRA Charitable Distribution
Employer Matching

To learn more or make a planned gift, please contact Camille Cline at or 941-927-0965.