Mar 03, 2018

SRQ DAILY SATURDAY PERSPECTIVES EDITION SATURDAY MAR 3, 2018 By Jennifer Vigne, President, Education Foundation of Sarasota County When parents and educators interact with youngsters in our charge, our default instinct is to be the teacher, to instruct them and show them the way. In truth, our

Mar 21, 2018
Category: College & Career

Thanks to a school-wide immersion grant from the Education Foundation of Sarasota County , with funding from United Way Suncoast , the sixth through eighth grade students at Booker Middle School have had a whirlwind few weeks—first planning and designing their own city, and then having to defend it

Mar 30, 2018
Category: Upcoming Events

Every ONE can be a champion for education during the 2018 Giving Challenge no May 1-2, Noon to Noon! Why should I #BeTheOne to make a difference? You can help the Education Foundation meet its goal in order to continue: Providing innovative classroom grants Developing schoolwide immersive programs,